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RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment

RoofTopGuard II Premium synthetic roofing underlayment was carefully engineered to be the safest, best-performing synthetic roofing underlayment in the world, making it the premium brand synthetic roofing underlayment available on the market today.

Roofers Choice II Synfelt Underlayment

Roofers Choice II Synfelt is the synthetic roofing underlayment engineered for safety and value that makes no compromises in construction and performance.

RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector

RoofTopGuard SA is a High-Temperature Self-Adhered Ice & Water Protector that raises the performance bar for all Ice & Water Shields.  RoofTopGuard SA is a synthetic based Ice & Water Protector that incorporates the basic structure of the best performing Synthetic Underlayment in the market; RoofTopGuard II.

AirOutshield™ Roof Underlayment

 AirOutshield™ Roof is a breathable roofing underlayment that is composed of a multi-layer, spun bonded polypropylene.  AirOutshield™ Roof is used as a secondary drainage plane under the roofing systems including metal, copper, zinc, slate, cedar, clay tile and other systems that require an underlayment.

AirOutshield™ Wall Wrap

AirOutshield™ Wall is a breathable underlayment  for Rain Screen Wall Systems.  AirOutshield™ Wall is a triple layer, spun bonded polypropylene, water resistant breathable underlayment that is used as as secondary drainage plane.