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Underlayment Specialties Plus was created to utilize our 40 years of building materials experience and our more than 13 years of experience and expertise in synthetic underlayments and waterproofing underlayment to provide the North American Roofing Industry with safety- and performance-based roofing underlayment solutions.

We provide our underlayment solutions through our network of local roofing distributors, metal roof fabricators and builders and building material dealers.  Our relationship with our distributor network is one of mutual cooperation for the success of all trade factors. We support all efforts by our distributors, fabricators, builders and building material dealers in product placement of our safety- and performance-based lines.

To locate a distributor that supports the Underlayment Specialties Plus line of safety- and performance-based products or to become a part of our distribution network, please contact us.

Key Contacts

Salvatore Catanese
Global Director and Product Development

PHONE: 267-263-2308
FAX: 267-263-2389
CELL: 215-527-0152

Salvatore G. Catanese
National Sales and Marketing Manager

PHONE: 267-263-2308
FAX: 267-263-2389
CELL: 215-840-2881